Global Distribution and Channel Manager

Accurate inventory distribution

Our hotel channel management software automates the distribution process and sets the property owners free from the hassle of inventory updates. Not only that, it is fueled with several other features to facilitate a majority of your operations. Let’s explore them:


Fastest inventory distribution

Updating your inventories and rates becomes a matter of seconds. You can get listed on as many channels as you want and acquire valuable bookings.

Accurate business insights

You get real-time performance insights of your property on various channels, with reports on bookings, revenue, cancellation rates and such likes.

Simple yield management

Sell your rooms at the best rates with yield management. Configure different rates as per occupancy slabs, and channel manager will alter your rates accordingly.

OTA vouchers

You don’t have to go to the extranets of different platforms to get the OTA vouchers. Our hotel booking channel manager gets you those vouchers right in the software.

Channel manager mobile app

Perform inventory distribution operations like stop sale, rate and inventory updates, and many more on your fingertips with our mobile channel manager app.

Rate threshold

Our hotel distribution software saves you from revenue loss by preventing you from pushing rates over minimum or maximum limits that you have set.

CC details verification

Our hotel channel manager verifies the CC details before check in and alerts you if they’re invalid; getting you only confirmed bookings.

Competitor's rate analysis

You get all your competitors’ rates straight in our hotel distribution system. So, you can analyze instantly and set the best rates for your hotel.

Optimized inventory allocation

Collect booking deposits from the online payment link sent by our channel manager; and allocate inventory for confirmed bookings only.

Instant bulk updates

The distribution wizard in our hotel channel manager lets you perform bulk updates of inventory, rooms, and rates in just a click.

Foreign currency updates

Our channel manager, lets you push rates in your local currency, on the connected OTAs, regardless of the currency the OTAs function in.

OTA promotions and messages

You can manage OTA promotions and messages with our hotel channel management software effortlessly.

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