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Elevate Your Business Gatherings at Hamlet Hotels Maidstone

A Venue with Character Seamless Event Planning Flexible Meeting Venues Culinary Excellence


Hamlet Hotels Maidstone offers a haven for corporate events that promise excellence and charm. This exceptional venue is not just a conference and meeting space; it's a destination that blends contemporary technology, luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and panoramic vistas to create an unparalleled experience.


A Venue with Character


Nestled amidst striking natural beauty, Hamlet Hotels Maidstone offers more than just meeting rooms; it offers an atmosphere of exceptional charm and character. As you step onto the premises, you're greeted by a sense of serenity and sophistication, setting the stage for successful business gatherings that leave a lasting impression.


Seamless Event Planning


When it comes to planning your meeting or conference, Hamlet Hotels Maidstone’s experienced team can be on hand to assist. They will support you to deliver your meeting with great success, so you can unwind in our fantastic Hamlet Restaurant post event with nothing to worry you. This leaves you free to concentrate on welcoming your associates and delving into the matters at hand. With their expertise, your event is not just organised – it's executed flawlessly.


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Flexible Meeting Venues


The hotel boasts a range of stylish meeting venues, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology to cater to the modern corporate needs. Our fantastic function rooms offer flexibility, accommodating gatherings from 10 to 150 delegates. This variety ensures that each event is tailored to perfection, aligning with your specific requirements and providing an ideal environment for productivity.


Culinary Excellence


Hamlet Hotels Maidstone understands that a successful meeting is complemented by impeccable dining experiences. You can rest assured that refreshments are seamlessly provided throughout your event, according to your schedule. This thoughtful service enhances your meeting, allowing you to focus on your discussions while being catered to with the utmost convenience.


Tailored to Suit


Meeting room reservations at Hamlet Hotels Maidstone are available in a range of formats – half day, full day, day delegate rate, and overnight delegate rate. These options offer flexibility to match your event's duration and your guests' needs. Moreover, bespoke packages that include a variety of food and beverages can be tailored to ensure every aspect of your event aligns with your vision.


All-Inclusive Amenities


Every meeting package at Hamlet Hotels Maidstone comes complete with essential amenities, ensuring your event's success. LCD project and screen, flip chart, free Wi-Fi access, free car parking, conference stationery, and refreshing tea/coffee selections with biscuits and water are all included, providing you with a seamless and convenient experience.


Versatile Meeting Spaces


Two standout meeting rooms at Hamlet Maidstone Hotel offer versatility to cater to different group sizes and setups:


Ditton Suite: Accommodating up to 12 delegates, this space is perfect for more intimate gatherings, offering a conducive environment for focused discussions.


Kent: With a capacity for 60 theatre-style or 24 in a classroom setup, this room is spacious and flexible, providing ample room for presentations and interactive sessions.


Your Ideal Meeting Awaits

Hamlet Hotels Maidstone has redefined what a meeting venue can be. From elegant spaces and cutting-edge technology to impeccable service and exquisite dining, it is a destination that transcends expectations. Elevate your business gatherings and conferences by choosing Hamlet Hotels Maidstone – where modern convenience meets timeless elegance, and every meeting is an experience to remember. For bookings and enquiries, contact us. Your path to successful business events starts here.