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What we do

At Hamlet Hotels, we believe that the guests are the most important part of the hotel industry, and because of this, we keep our guests at the heart of everything that we do.
We pride ourselves on the creation of guest-focused hotels which offer modern aesthetics and amenities, with a range of different spaces to ensure the needs of all of our guests are catered to.

We also know that the hotel industry is rapidly evolving and developing, and at Hamlet Hotels we embrace this!
Hamlet Hotels are a technology-driven brand, pioneering the way into the future of hotels. We are focused on adapting our hotels to the constantly-evolving demands on the hotel industry through the use of technology to promote enhanced customer experiences and Moving through 2022 and beyond, we are also centering sustainability as a core focus for our hotels. We are focused on nurturing positive, green change in our hotels to in our hotels through the use of sustainability-initiatives and green technology.