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Is it time to quit your New Year's resolution?

We are almost made to the end of another dramatic year 2022, and many of you might be busy writing your New Year's resolution, but wait! did I ask you to quit writing a resolution?

Yes, that's right!

New Year's resolutions are a common tradition in which individuals set specific goals for themselves in the coming year since the Babylonian era. These goals often focus on personal improvements, such as losing weight, saving money, or learning a new skill. While setting New Year's resolutions can be a great way to motivate oneself and make positive changes in one's life, they can also be challenging to stick to. Studies have shown that only about 8% of people actually achieve their New Year's resolutions.

Instead, do Goal setting!

To increase the chances of success, it is important to set SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound targets. By ensuring that your goals are clear and attainable, you can increase your chances of success and make meaningful progress towards your objectives.

Let's deep dive into some of my Goal setting strategies for the next year.

The benefits of goal setting:

Goal setting can be a powerful tool that helps individuals to clarify their priorities, increase motivation, and achieve their desired outcomes. It can also help to increase accountability, create a sense of purpose, and improve performance.

The goal-setting process:

The goal-setting process involves identifying SMART goals and creating a plan for how to achieve them. This should include specific actions and tasks, as well as deadlines and resources needed. This will help to ensure that your goals are clear, attainable, and relevant to your overall objectives.

  • Create a plan: Once you have identified your SMART goals, the next step is to create a plan for how you will achieve them. This should include specific actions and tasks, as well as deadlines and resources needed.
  • Track your progress: Regularly reviewing and tracking your progress is an important part of the goal-setting process. This can help you stay motivated, identify areas that need improvement, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.
  • Overcome challenges and setbacks: Effective goal setting involves managing and overcoming potential challenges and setbacks. This can involve finding ways to stay motivated, seeking support and guidance, and being flexible and adaptable.
  • Seeking support and guidance: Surrounding yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, and colleagues can be a valuable resource in achieving your goals. Consider seeking the help of a coach or mentor to provide guidance and encouragement.
  • Be flexible and adaptable: It is important to be prepared for challenges and setbacks along the way. By being flexible and adaptable, you can find ways to overcome obstacles and stay on track towards achieving your goals.
  • Celebrating your achievements: It's important to celebrate your progress and accomplishments along the way. This can help to maintain motivation and build confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.
  • Be motivated and committed: To be successful in achieving your goals, it is important to be motivated and committed to the process. This can involve finding ways to stay motivated and holding yourself accountable.
  • Create your supportive environment: Having a supportive environment, such as a network of friends, family, and colleagues, can be an important factor in the success of goal setting.
  • Seek necessary resources and skills: To achieve your goals, it is important to have the necessary resources and skills. This may involve seeking additional training or education or acquiring the necessary tools and equipment.

In summary,

  • Create a plan
  • Track your progress
  • Overcome challenges and setbacks
  • Seeking support and guidance
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Celebrating your achievements
  • Be motivated and committed
  • Create your supportive environment
  • Seek necessary resources and skills
  • Happy Goal setting and have a great, prosperous new year!